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acrylic plastic tumblers


would you have any information on acrylic plastic dinnerware? we bought some really fun tumblers from costco but when we got them home and realized what an impulsive move we made. we don't know anything about acrylic plastic and we avoid plastics especially with food...the colors were just so fun ; ) unless they are somehow safe, and we doubt that, they are going back.
thank you!

POSTED BY HEIDI B. :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 02/11/2008 1:32 PM


Acrylic is made from acrylonitrile, a special group of vinyl compounds. In my book Home Safe Home I noted that acrylonitrile is included on the Environmental Protection Agency's list of sixty-five "priority pollutants" recognized as being hazardous to human health. Scorecard: Chemical Profiles: Acrylonitrile notes that it is a carcinogen.

Take them back, please...

Debra :-)


If the EPA is listing this as a "priority pollutant," why are these products still on the market? Children are the ones most likely to be affected by this,as most people will give their kids "unbreakables" to eat and drink from on most, if not all occassions. They recently put out warnings about cough and cold medicines, shampoos, and lead laden toys, all makrketed to children.

At what point does the FDA or EPA decide to pull something from the market? Does anyone know what the determining factors are here?

Of course I do not rely on the "news updates," but what about the rest of the people and children out there, who do not have this educated advantage, like most of us tuned in here?

Janelle PA

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: There are many materials on the market that are known to be toxic.

Interesting question: at what point does the FDA or EPA decide to pull something from the market? Last week I was in a hotel room that reeked of formaldehyde from the particleboard furniture (fortunately I could open the window wide all night as the room was on an upper floor) while I was watching a news story on TV about the formaldehyde levels in the FEMA trailers in the South (set up after hurricane Katrina). Now, several years later, after many complaints, the government is saying they have to get those people out of the trailers as soon as possible. Yet, it's OK to have high levels of formaldehyde in hotel rooms. There is a tremendous amount of inconsistency in what is allowed and what isn't.

I don't know when they decide to pull something from the market. I think it's when there are enough complaints.


Thanks Debra. I would better play it safe then sorry. I notice this 16 piece tumble set from Costco were imported from China. China does not worry about the environment or, for the most part, it's peoples. I am ALWAYS leary about Chinese-made goods. Thanks, again.

POSTED BY WILL :: FLORIDA USA :: 04/07/2009 7:37 AM


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