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I am in Australia and find a need for toothbrushes for my 2 year old son, also for my sister. My son has allergies to not only plastics but soft silicones ie: teats, flanges, bottles that have been sealed with silicone. All foods have to be made from scratch.

I would love your help in finding a wooden toothbrush with natural bristles, not nylon some companies seem to think this is a natural product. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

POSTED BY J. A. :: AUSTRALIA USA :: 10/04/2005


There are actually a number of natural bristle brushes available. These two would be best for your son, as they have wood handles instead of plastic: Caswell Massey and Squeaky Monroe.

Other websites sell natural bristle toothbrushes with acetate handles. The first time I saw this and read that it was "natural and biodegradable" I thought they were wrong--acetate is a plastic. Well, I looked it up and found that while it is manmade and it is a plastic, acetate is a specific type of plastic--called cellulose acetate--made by introducing the acetyl radical of acetic acid commonly known as vinegar into cellulose from wood-pulp and/or cotton fibers. This combination produces a tough, clear plastic that is used to make a wide variety of household products, including frames for eyeglasses.

Other websites that sell natural bristle toothbrushes include

Classic Shaving,, and These dental sites carry natural bristle brushes not because they are natural, but because "they remove plaque better than any other conventional brush in the world."

Internatural carries Fuchs German toothbrushes that have a patented replaceable-head design. This allows you to replace the bristles regularly without disposing of the entire toothbrush.

Debra :-)


I just purchased a Fuchs tooth for the first time. I noticed that the bristles had an odd odor, and because I have MCS was hesitant to use it. I did so anyway, and I think (not certain) I had a reaction to it. Do you know anything about this odor, and whether or not the bristles perhaps are treated with something?


I have tried the Fuch's toothbrushes and they are OK, but I wanted to avoid plastic too. I really like the Brooks Pearwood wooden toothbrush with natural bristles. They are more expensive, but actually a nicer toothbrush. They have an all vegetable edible finish to it that makes it look like stained wood. The boar bristle brushes hold up better than the Fuchs and it feels better. Also, we are avoiding plastic. They are made in Switzerland. I found them available on several website including and Natural Solutions and the best price was at
I hope this is helpful.

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: Thanks for posting this. This is my favorite toothbrush too and I wasn't able to find them for a while. I'm glad you found them and shared the info with us.



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