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Safe ear plugs


Can you suggest safe ear plugs? I have found ones made of polyurethane, silicone, or memory foam. There is a wax/cotton ear plug but it does not sound very comfortable. Thanks.

POSTED BY DONNA :: FLORIDA USA :: 03/10/2008 3:31 AM



Debra :-)


Thanks, Debra, for this great resource -- I can't tell you how often I have to consult your site to try to find solutions for MCS-type problems.

When it comes to ear plugs, I have better luck with the ones made from PVC, like Flent's "Quiet, Please!". I buy them in bulk online, and then change to a new pair after a day or two. I do have some trouble with mild ear aches when I use the polyurethane ear plugs (and dizziness, itchy ear canals, and some ear drainage), so if you notice any of that, it could be that you're having trouble with the materials in the ear plugs. Also, I would recommend washing your hands with something very mild (like organic yogurt) before putting in the ear plugs, and don't roll the ear plugs in kleenex or plastic wrap before putting them in -- if you're like me, it's the chemicals from the kleenex or plastic wrap that are causing the problems, not bacteria from your hands.

The silicone or wax ear plugs tend to come loose while I'm sleeping (so don't effectively block out sounds), and are uncomfortable unless I lay my head on my arm so that my ear is not pressing against the pillow.

POSTED BY LV :: NEW YORK USA :: 04/27/2009 2:04 PM

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