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Water quality issues w/ bathing pets


I have been doing a lot of research on water lately (filtration systems, ionizers, etc.). Although there is a wealth of information on the Internet, it has been difficult to find an unbiased, trustworthy source that is not ultimately trying to sell a product.

I am thankful to have stumbled upon your website as it seems like a credible source of information.

So I have several product related questions...

1. I have a german shepherd who swims a lot during the summer months. I am concerned about how much chlorine he is absorbing from the pool water as well as from the hose water I use to bathe him with. I have read the content posted on your site regarding chlorine-free swimming pools. While that is definitely something I plan to invest in , it is not financially feasible for me at this point. Do you have any thoughts on the product "Chlor-free" (tablets you put in the pool that decrease, not eliminate, the amount of chlorine needed)?

2. As far as bathing my dog, I am looking to buy a water filter that attaches to a garden hose. Do you know anything about the Clear Garden Hose Filter sold by Pure Water Products, LLC?
Or is there another product you would recommend over this one?

3. If I do have a filter on the hose, should I be concerned about the type of hose I use? Would it be better to also purchase a food grade, drinking water safe type hose and use the two together?

4. On a separate note, regarding drinking water, I read the posting by Winston Kao that said RO water will leach in stainless steel containers. I recently purchased a Klean Kanteen water bottle and also a Sigg water bottle. The water we drink in my house is Sparkletts (purified via RO and UV but it has minerals added back after purification process). So my question is... is the water still considered "hungry" water that will leach in stainless steel given the minerals are added back?

I would appreciate any advice anyone has to offer...Thanks!



First, a pet would absorb chlorine through their skin just as it's person would. I don't know anything about Chlor-Free tablets. I went to a couple of websites that sell them, and they were pretty confusing.

The garden hose filter you mentioned is just a standard carbon filter. You can get the same thing at Home Depot, Lowe's, or a hardware store.

Yes, get a drinking water safe type hose.

If you add minerals back to the water, it is no longer "thirsty."

Debra :-)


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