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How bad are blonde highlights?



I do own your book, Home Safe Home, and I did read the part on hair coloring. But here is my dilema:

My teenage daughter desperately wants to add highlights to her hair. She is one of those girls who wants to be fancy all the time, and wants nail polish, lip glosses, and things of those nature. I am constantly telling her how awful these things are and subsequently don't allow her to use any toxic things. ( I have found some non-toxic lip colors).

I know she misses out on using "fun" things and I would like to let her 'just once' try the highlights. I know they are bad, but would it be the end of the world, (or her life) to allow one application of highlights on her hair? And is there one that would be somewhat safer than any others? I guess I'm just wondering if doing that one time is too horrible or would she be ok?
I used to use the box kinds with the caps that you pull hair through (back when I didn't know anything about toxic things) and I thought maybe the cap would keep the bleachy chemicals off of her scalp somewhat. I obvioulsy don't want to do anything that will harm her in the long (or short)run. I was just hoping maybe there is something that isn't too harmful?

Thanks for your time.

POSTED BY J. KELLY :: MINNESOTA USA :: 10/13/2006 3:20 PM


It's OK with me for you to let your daughter get highlights in her hair. Now don't be shocked, but I get highlights in my hair occasionally.

So I asked my hairdresser what to recommend, since whatever she used on my hair had no odor.

She said, "First, most people don't realize that when you get highlights the coloring product doesn't touch the scalp at all, so none of it is absorbed through the skin like regular hair dye. I use Farouk products for highlights. These are well known and used in many salons."

She said it is ammonia-free. I couldn't find out the ingredients, but I can tell you the highlights I got had no odor and didn't touch my scalp at all. I had no reaction and was very happy with the end result.

Would love to hear from others about successes with highlighting or hair colors. Readers?

Debra :-)


Aveda, the natural body care and cosmetics company now has a hair color product. Their body care and make up products are made from flower and plant essences. I don't know the specifics about their hair color products, and I don't think they sell hair color "off the shelf" but you can find a salon that uses their product from a link on their web site at

I like to believe there is no reason why being environmentally responsible would mean we have to miss out on any fun!


use sun-in type products,for blonds and some brunettes. check

POSTED BY CB :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 08/14/2007 12:25 PM

My daughter had hair that was just a bit too close to "dirty blond" to make her happy. This was back in the days when she was young enough to pay attention to me. We tried Chamomile tea put on dry hair until it was wet. Then she laid in or went out in the sun (we did that back then before everybody went nuts on sun block....which by the way has caused most Americans to not have enough Vit D to protect them from skin least according to the new theories even the docs are buying into.)

Long story short, the tea caused natural highlights and lightened the hair some. Looked really nice. Of course she did it know how much trouble young kids will go to for BEAUTY!!!

POSTED BY JULIE :: INDIANA USA :: 08/16/2007 10:37 AM

I've never tried highlights but I color my hair using a product that only contains henna. I purchase it at our local health food stores-either Whole Foods or Wild Oats. I have been very pleased with it and you can add ingredients such as vinegar or coffee to bring out different colors in your hair.


I use Herbatint. I have dark brown hair with a slight hint of red, mixed with grey. I haven't been able to get it to turn out as blonde as I'd like, and it ends up with a hint of a red tint no matter which color I use, but it definitely looks highlighted. No doubt it does different things with different hair.

POSTED BY MARY :: CA USA :: 08/27/2007 1:33 PM

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