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Hi there,

I think it is great that pet poop bags are biodegradable, BUT, do they biodegrade in the anaerobic conditions of a landfill? If not, where would you put the waste in order to biodegrade? Or what do you do with cat litter? It is my understanding that pet feces is not good to compost. Thanks.

POSTED BY LFD :: ALBERTA CANADA :: 05/26/2008 2:47 PM


NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING biodegrades in a landfill. Not even food. So, no, a landfill is not the best place for pet poop.

One website that addresses this question is, which offers advice and products for eco-friendly pet care.

Another is Dog Waste Composter, which tells how you actually can compost pet feces.

Readers, any ideas or experience with this?

Debra :-)


Although it is not a good idea to place pet poop directly on the compost pile (flies...) it is a myth that dog and cat feces does not decompose well.

If the dog/cat is fed a species appropriate raw meat and whole prey diet the feces does not smell at all, turns into a white chalky dust-like matter within a few days and is completely gone soon after if left on (dog) or in (cat) the soil.

This is of course not a solution for city folks who need to clean up after their dog on a sidewalk but I just need to tell people that it really is not true that dog or cat feces is a toxic stinky pile that contaminates the soil.

My cats are cat-safe fenced in and only use our backyard as a bathroom (they have indoor litter boxes but much prefer the outdoors), I hardly ever clean up after them (I hardly ever find anything), nothing smells, but when a neighbor's kibble fed dog leaves just one pile in our front yard it smells to holy heaven for days and I have to remove it before I mow the lawn to not spread any feces. I have noticed that if left on the grass it will sit there for 2 weeks or longer and just stink up my front yard.

I know from the lady I get my meat/whole prey from that this applies to both cats and dogs, she has both (and a bunch of other animals) and long term experience with her own raw fed dogs/cats and other folks' dogs that are fed processed food.

Same goes for humans if we eat species appropriate natural unprocessed food.

POSTED BY ULLI :: MARYLAND USA :: 05/27/2008 11:33 AM


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