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Low-EMF Hair Dryers


I was looking for a hairdryer with low EMF and found one on the internet which I ordered. I think it may have been just a regular hairdryer that they covered with metal and their logo. It was through a company called Angellite. Have you heard of them? Do you know of any reputable companies that make low EMF hairdryers?

Many thanks.

POSTED BY B. A :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 01/24/2006


I asked certified Bau-Biologist Mary Cordaro, who has much more experience than I with EMFs, to answer this question. Here is her reply.

"I'm only familiar with one unit, the Angelite, which I've tested, and is indeed very low EMF specifically for the AC magnetic field. The others may also be okay, but I've never tested them with my gauss meter. Any company who claims that their unit is low EMF should provide test result documentation, saying what they're measuring for and how.

"There are several types of EMF's. Most companies making low EMF products are concerned only with AC magnetic fields, but a very few are also concerned about AC Electric fields. The AC Magnetic Field is a type of EMF present when current is actually present and running, so an appliance or unit would need to be switched on to be tested, as opposed to simply being plugged in. The AC Electric Field is present when a unit is simply plugged in, whether or not the unit is turned on. I'm not sure but the Angelite might also be making their unit so it's shielded for AC Electric Fields as well, which would make it even better.

"If I were to purchase a hair dryer, I'd see if I could find one with low EMF's, both AC magnetic and AC electric, and ask for documentation. If a unit is manufactured for low AC Electric Fields, all the wiring would have to be a special type called "shielded cable". This is not just the plug, but the entire cable inside and outside the unit, and sometimes even parts of the motor.

"As far are whether or not it's important to use a Low EMF hairdryer, here's my opinion:

  • If you are electrically sensitive, then yes.
  • If you using a hairdryer professionally, for several hours a day, definitely.
  • If you are weak, ill, or pregnant, it definitely couldn't hurt to avoid high EMF's as much as possible.
  • If I had a small child who felt they had to use a hair dryer frequently, I'd get a low EMF unit.

"HOWEVER, for most of us who use hair dryers, holding an appliance for a few minutes each day is probably not a big issue. I'm more concerned about longer term exposures, such as sitting at a computer all day or in other sources of high EMF's for several hours a day. The biggest concern is long term exposure during sleep, when we are most vulnerable, and need to eliminate contaminants of all kinds in order to regenerate and heal. There are so many other potential sources of EMF's that pose longer term exposures, that I'd rather see someone invest in a meter or better yet, an inspection, to diagnose and eliminate those bigger, longer term exposures, than an appliance that's used only a few minutes per day.

"That having been said, here's the approach I took, personally. I located and eliminated all longer term exposure sources of EMF's AC magnetic and high frequency everywhere,  then in the bedroom AC electric, as well as both DC magnetic and DC electric fields. For shorter term sources, my bigger concern is energy use. I don't like that I use a hair dryer because it takes precious energy to run it, especially since motors can potentially use a lot of current. So I looked for one that would dry my hair FASTER, which cuts down on the time I'm exposed to high EMF's as well as the energy it consumes. I bought an ionizing unit, because it seems to work faster and doesn't dry my hair out like regular units. I'm totally against ion generators used for cleaning air, though, just want to make sure I say that. Although I'm certain it's not shielded, so the AC electric levels are high, I got lucky accidentally:  the ionizing unit I bought is low in AC magnetic fields to boot. Lastly, I try to avoid using a hair dryer unless I have to, meaning, I have to look more professional or dressy. I just wasn't happy using a low EMF unit that would take more time and thus more energy to use, and would also wreck my hair.

"Even if you hold a conventional high EMF dryer at arm's length, you are still exposed because you're holding it. As long as it's in close proximity to any part of your body, that part of your body is exposed. If you hold it a few inches from your head, you may not be exposing your head, but you are certainly exposing your hand and arm. The drop off rate also varies, depending on how the unit is manufactured. Anything with a motor will have potentially high levels, though, that's the important point, so the drop off rate for some units might not be just a few inches. It all depends on the unit."

I'm in agreement with everything Mary said, and I have some additional comments.

If you want to purchase a hair dryer advertised as low-EMF, they are available on these websites:

  • - Chi Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer, "A lightweight quiet professional dryer that utilizes ceramic technology, negative ions, far Infrared and low EMF Electromagnetic Field for healthier and shinier hair."
  • - "This unique dryer with six foot hose allows you to stay far enough away from the motor to reduce electromagnetic exposure to acceptable levels."
  • carries the Angelite Hair Dryer.

Myself, I just get a great haircut and let it dry naturally. But I live in Florida, where the weather is warm most of the year and I can do that. I do own a hairdryer, but, like Mary, I only use it occasionally--mostly for professional appearances.

If you have the type of hairstyle that requires styling with a hairdryer and brush every morning, consider switching to a simpler hairstyle if you don't want to spend around $150 for a low-EMF hair dryer.

Debra :-)


Hi Debra,

I wanted to share my experience and let the buyer beware of the Helen of Troy Tourmaline Ionic Professional Dryer model 1043. This blowdryer claims to have a low EMF rating. I have a Professional Trifield gauss meter and the blowdryer registers over 100 milligauss, which is in the danger zone.

I have been contacting Helen of Troy by phone to find out the EMF reading for the blowdryer and what meter was used. I have been given the run around for about 6 weeks and still have not had a response to my questions.

I feel obligated to let the public know that this is not a low EMF blowdryer as it is claimed to be according to my Gauss Meter. I also feel obligated to let the public know the experience I have had with customer service at Helen of Troy and the lack of response from the manufacturer. I feel that the customer service at Helen of Troy was less than satisfactory.

I believe it is important for those who are health conscious and EMF sensitive to know the truth.

Thank you,

POSTED BY DANA :: WASHINGTON USA :: 11/16/2006 7:49 AM

Does anyone have any experience with the Angelite or Chi hair dryers? The Angelite has been out of stock for months, so the Chi is the only one that is buyable. I am not sure if the Chi ones actually test at the levels they claim. Thanks

POSTED BY ANTHONY :: OHIO USA :: 03/07/2007 11:07 AM

I have an Angelite and I love it. It dries very well and works fine after daily use for well over a year,even after i dropped it! I am sorry to hear that they can't keep up with the demand. I even gave them to all my family members. I do have an extra one I am willing to part with as my daughter didn't want it as she now has very short hair she air dries. Check with me now or E-Bay in a few weeks.
[email protected]


Hi I have a suggestion about a way to shield yourself from your home's electrical nastybuzz from everything that's plugged in, whether on or off. There's a woman named Phyllis Light [] who has invented several items which use frequencies to do various health-promoting things. One of them is a small piece of di-chromic glass called a "circuit Rejuvenizer" which goes into your circuit breaker and affects all the electrical things in your house. I don't own one of these, but do own some of the other Rejuvenizers and find them helpful for taking some of the toxicity out of our lives that comes from too much unnatural electrical input. Just as a way to see the difference in how you feel without electricity, the next time there's a blackout in your area, notice how much calmer you feel than usual. It's great to actually look forward to something most of us dread!

POSTED BY ROSIE :: NEW YORK USA :: 03/26/2007 12:39 PM

The problem with the low EMF hair dryers is that every one I've looked at is also an ionizing dryer. That means they generate ozone and that is bad for your health.

POSTED BY KIM :: CT USA :: 01/08/2008 10:59 AM


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