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I wanted to know if drinking Kombucha tea really is benefical to your health. I have recently been drinking it and I wanted to know how benefical it is if at all.

POSTED BY 123CURIOUS :: HAWAII USA :: 07/22/2008 6:20 AM


I don't have any personal experience with this. Readers?

Debra :-)


I tried kombucha for a time with no ill effects; in the end, because it's made from black tea and refined sugar, I gave my culture away.

You may see scares about this, because there is fear of contamination by harmful organisms. However, similar fears are expressed about kefir or even yogurt! It's best to grow it in glass, in an acid environment so mold is further discouraged. This can be done with a starter tea or by adding a bit of organic cider vinegar "with the mother." There are also kefir cultures in sugared fruit juices, but I only tried mine once with apples.


We have been drinking kombucha for over 3 years, and making it at home for almost that long. At the very least, you are drinking something which is full of probiotics, and it is possible to do the fermentation at home (like making your own yogurt).

With a mother/starter, a syrupy black tea concoction is fermented for 7-10 days, then the transformed tea is poured off, the mother is split, and the process may begin again. Good references include the Nourishing Traditions cookbook by Sally Fallon as well as Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods by Sandor Katz. Also, the store-bought bottles cover the benefits pretty well. According to Fallon, who does not use white sugar, yeast or black tea for any other purposes, fermentation by the kombucha "mushroom" (actually a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) yields small amounts of a potent detoxifier called glucuronic acid, normally produced by the liver. The additional glucuronic acid "is a powerful aid to the body's natural cleansing process, a boost to the immune system, and a proven prophylactic against cancer and other degenerative diseases", to quote Ms. Fallon.

So, for the price of 4-5 organic, fair trade black tea bags and a cup of organic white sugar, you could be making the equivalent of 5 16-ounce bottles a week! Just find a friend who is doing it already, and I'm sure you can get a mushroom baby, some basic instructions and begin to make your own kombucha!


I have had a Kombucha culture for over a year now and it is really simple to make. I use my mother piece and about 3 cups of Kombucha tea (the stuff at the bottom is the best), 4 black tea bags and 1 1/2 cups fructose and 1 gallon of purified water.

You first boil the 1 gallon of water and then add the fructose. Remove the pot from the burner and add the tea bags. Let that set for about 5 minutes and remove the bags. Then you have to let the tea cool to room temperature. Next you will pour the tea into a glass container with your mother and brewed tea. Cover this with a clean no-lint dish type rag that is held on with a large rubber band. Put this in a cool, dry place where it won't get disturbed. We like ours after 8 days and the longer you let it set, the more like vinegar it becomes. I don't care for it when it is too much like vinegar but you can actually let it go to become vinegar and use it as such.

While I am not a diabetic, I can't eat sugar at all and I do very well with fructose since it doesn't raise my blood sugar and cause me asthma symptoms like sugar. Fructose is available in many health food stores for just a little more than what sugar costs.

My starter was given to me by a friend who is an M.D., Naturopath and a bio chemist. She is the one who had me use the fructose and she told me that the Kombucha produces different acids at different stages and basically it is a blood purifier. She uses is to treat several things in patients.

If you want a probiotic, try water kefir. It is great mixed with your Kombucha and it likes an acid environment that most probiotics don't.

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: Don't use fructose if you are allergic to corn because it is made from corn.


We have had much success with kombucha. The good bacteria balance out the body, the glutathione helps detoxify chemicals and other environmental toxins, the B vitamins give tons of energy, and the gluronic aids the liver in filtering out impurities. It has helped minimize our allergies and helps tremendously with our chemical sensitivities.

POSTED BY CHARISE :: OHIO USA :: 12/22/2009 3:13 AM


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