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How do I eat a GMO-free diet?


Hi Debra,

How do I choose foods to not eat genetically modified organisms?


POSTED BY MIKO :: TEXAS USA :: 08/15/2008 4:22 PM


The basic answer is: eat 100% organic. But make sure food products are 100% organic. The FDA rules say that you can label a product as "organic" if only 95% of all of the ingredients are certified organic. That last five percent often are GMO, such as soy lecithin and corn starch.

If 100% organic isn't available or practical, at least avoid the big four:

  • SOY -- soy lecithin, soy flour, soy protein concentrate, soy milk, tofu, etc.

  • CORN -- high fructose corn syrup, cornstarch, corn oil, corn flour (there is no GMO popcorn).

  • CANOLA -- canola oil.

  • COTTON -- cottonseed oil.

Soon, GMO sugar beets will be coming on the market, again not labeled. These may be found in virtually any product, as most products sweet and savory contain some form of sugar.

Preparing your own food at home from fresh ingredients lets you know what's in your food. Eating out is the biggest mystery, unless you eat at a restaurant that specifically prepares meals from organic ingredients.

Institute for Responsible Technology: Campaign for Healthier Eating in America has the most comprehensive info I've seen on where GMO foods are used and how to avoid them.

Greenpeace Shopper's Guide: How to Avoid Genetically Engineered Food, but the problem with pdf guides is that they become dated and you don't know if the information is current. Still, it has good guidelines and lists of brand name foods that were GMO-free and that have GMO-ingredients as of the date of writing.

Debra :-)


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