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Bisphenol A (BPA) in our bottles and cans


After Canada banned Bisphenol A, and placed it on their hazardous chemical list, I became concerned, since I know that besides being present in plastic #7 (i.e. Baby Bottles and other hard plastics), BBA is also routinely used in cans.

So I did a little research and found out that even the healthy organic canned food brands that I buy at WholeFoods ALL use
Bisphenol A, with the exception of two - namely EDEN beans, and SANTA BARBARA OLIVES.

ALL other brandd, such ast WholeFoods'very own 365 label, Amy's, Westbrae, and Muir Glen, to name a few of my favs, eacj CONTAIN Bisphenol A. I'm told that canned tomato sauce is the worst offender, with the highest levels and most interactivity between the BPA and the product, due to the acidic nature of tomatoes.

I had initially read that all Trader Joes brand cans do not have BPA, but when I contacted TJs direct to verify that actually told me that that is not the case - the ONLY Trader Joe's brand products that do NOT contain BPA are canned fish items.

It seems that some major "independent" studies out of Japan and Europe in recent days have concluded that BPA is NOT harmful, however, Canada maintains that BPA is harmful in that it can cause reproductive problems and even cancer.

I also know that some are questioning the "independence" of said studies, saying that they were sponsored by self-interested parties.

-- Since it took me quite a bit of time to find this info. I wanted to share it. AND I'm wondering if anyone has any more information on the studies themselves, and/or any information on canned products that do NOT contain BPA.

I know some companies are now making BPA-free water bottles, but I'm not aware of any other companies, besides the two that I mentioned at the top (EDEN BEANS and SANTA BARBARA OLIVES), that do NOT use BPA in their canned goods.

Let's pool our info/research and resources here.


P.S. - I will paste in what seems to be the latest official position about BPA...from the a company that uses it in their canned goods.

>--- On Mon, 8/18/08, [email protected]
> wrote:
>> Dear Valued Consumer:
>> Thank you for contacting Muir Glen regarding bisphenol-A in
>> food packaging. Bisphenol-A is a critical component of
>> protective coatings used with metal food packaging and
>> provides important quality and safety features to canned
>> foods.
>> Scientific and government bodies worldwide have examined
>> the scientific evidence and consistently have reached the
>> conclusion that BPA is not a risk to human health. Recent
>> examples include comprehensive risk assessments in Japan and
>> Europe and a review by an independent panel of experts
>> organized by the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis. The can
>> coatings used in Muir Glen packaging comply with the U.S.
>> Food and Drug Administration requirements for use in food
>> contact applications. These coatings have long played an
>> essential part in food preservation, helping to maintain
>> wholesomeness, nutritional value, and product quality.
>> We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that all of
>> the food ingredients and packaging materials we use are
>> fully in compliance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration
>> requirements and meet our high quality standards.
>> We will continue to monitor this situation. If you have
>> any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Your
>> questions and comments are always welcome. For more
>> information on the safety of metal food containers, the U.S.
>> Food and Drug Administration press office may be contacted
>> at (301) 436-2335.
>> Sincerely,

>> Consumer Services



Hi! I was very concerned about BPA in cans - especially tomatoes. We now only buy tomato products in glass jars. The company is called bionaturae and is Italian and organic. Unfortunately I don't know exactly where the tomatoes come from. We try to grow as much of our own as we can but this year has been terrible. Good luck! Michelle


Vital Choice products which can be ordered on the internet have BPA free cans and leach free packages.



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