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before i start contacting random manufacturers i was wondering if you have any recommendations for an espresso machine with no internal plastic parts?
p.s. i purchased a mattress from white lotus per your rec. thanks!!

POSTED BY KPC :: ILLINOIS USA :: 09/08/2008 5:42 PM


I haven't done any research on espresso machines. Readers?

Debra :-)


I recently bought a Bialetti stainless steel. I previously couldn't find any regular makers anywhere that didn't have at least some plastic in them. It was very frustrating and I was missing my morning coffee, but too freaked out by what I'd learned about heated-up plastic to bring myself to use our old plastic model.

(Note: Bialetti also sells aluminum, which you DON'T want--make sure you go for their stainless steel line).

I bought it for $5 at Marshall's the discount store which often has high-end cookware and such like this labeled at a VERY low price, b/c the staff often doesn't know what they've got on their hands!

But normally its like $40 from their website...still an excellent price.

No moving parts or plastic--just steam rising from a stainless steel bottom into a stainless steel funnel thing--pushing up thru the coffee and into the stainless steel reservoir at the top. You put it on the stove and let it do its thing. It feels really cool to do this the traditional Italian way (very hip!). Apparently every Italian home has one of these, and has for decades. It is very small and cute--I don't like clutter on my countertop. I'd bet it would last forever since there's no moving parts or electricity involved.

Some people online say its more coffee than expresso, but to me it is STRONG! I guess I don't really know enough about the difference, but this tastes like espresso to me. Check out reviews online..before you take my non-expert word for it.

POSTED BY M :: MICHIGAN USA :: 09/15/2008 12:59 PM

Wow! Just when I think I'm safe and buying 'green' something comes up like this! But even though its scary, its still really good to know. I also heard recently that Bamboo fabric isn't all its cracked up to be. Thank goodness I still haven't heard anything bad about hemp! (Knock on wood) :)

POSTED BY M :: MICHIGAN USA :: 09/15/2008 1:10 PM

I use and like the Italian style stovetop espresso makers very much. The one I have is the stainless steel Musa model from Bialetti (I purchased mine on eBay, and the price was much less expensive)->


Hi, KPC!
I was asking this same question last winter when I was ready to replace the aluminum-and-plastic espresso machine I'd received as a gift. The only one that satisfied my needs of no aluminum and minimal plastic was the Francis!Francis! brand, which is Italian-designed for an American company and is distributed through Illy. The boiler is brass rather than aluminum, and there is very little plastic. The water reservoir is plastic, and there was no way around that, but the good news is that the water is not in there very long. You pour it in and it is immediately drawn into the boiler for brewing. The only other plastic does not come into contact with any liquid: it's found on the handles of the steel filter arms and the tamper, and there's also a very small piece on the frothing arm that the milk will not touch. I have the X5 model, which is a very heavy but compact steel body. They do have a couple of cheaper models with a lot of plastic in the body, but those models are also available in the all-steel body. They are not cheap machines, but they're also not incredibly expensive for what you get. I saved about $300 buying a refurbished one (sold by the only authorized repair center for this brand) on eBay, and it came with a six-month warranty. Best of luck to you! Happy brewing!


I am going through my products --trying to get rid of ones that I won't use very much. Anyone ever heard of Deni Ice Cream machine? It makes soft serve from regular ice cream. Because it runs through plastic --even for a short time--is this harmful?


COMMENT FROM DEBRA: It depends on the type of plastic used. But a short exposure is probably not harmful.

POSTED BY LAURIE :: FLORIDA USA :: 11/03/2008 4:13 PM


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