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Dear Debra, would you please give me your opinion regarding plastic/resin material for the chemically sensitive? Although my question may be a bit out of your area, I'd still be very grateful for your reply and opinion. The resin I'm questioning pertains to resin bonding material on my teeth---(I'm sensitive to plastics and after getting the bonding I developed an autoimmune disease). If you wouldn't recommend resin/plastic in the home, would it stand to reason one wouldn't want it in their mouth? I can't find much research on this, and my gut feeling is I should replace it with porcelein veneers. Thank you so much for any idea you would share.

POSTED BY KATE :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 09/15/2008 2:54 PM


I agree with you. Porcelain.

Debra :-)


I would love any advice from Debra or readers on this. I am planning on replacing my amalgams (i have a mouth-full of them) with mercury-free fillings. However, porcelain is simply not affordable for me (about $900 per filling with the local holistic dentist); I can only afford the plastic fillings. Debra, do you have a feeling of which is the lesser evil since I cannot get porcelain fillings? I know they both have problems, but the Mercury fillings just feel worse to me than the plastic ones. How can I tell if I am positively sensitive to the plastic fillings before I replace all my fillings with them?

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: Your dentist should be able to test you to find the material that is most biocompatible for you.


There may be situations requiring a filling rather than a veneer. I found the biocompatibility testing worthless, so I did my own. I had the dentist make up some pea-sized balls of a number of uv-cured plastic filling materials, and "post-cure" them properly. I rinsed them off, and then tested each separately in my mouth. The one that was supposedly ok for me and for most people with MCS caused my tongue to burn for 2 days after touching it for only a few seconds. Two others were ok, one in particular which I tested by taking a nap with it in my mouth/sucking on it like candy. It worked out fine - I had a lot of gumline cavities filled with it years ago and its still ok. Note that manufacturers "improve"/change their formulations often, so better to re-test a candy-piece each time.


Ask your dentist NOT to use plastic resins that have BPA in them, the notorious endocrine disrupter.

POSTED BY JEN :: NEW YORK USA :: 09/30/2008 10:04 AM

HI, Thank you Debra for your reply regarding composite bonding versus porcelain veneers. I love your site. I would like to share some more information and that is, I called a company that makes dental products and wormed information out of a technician there.

He said some of the cementing materials that affix porcelain to the teeth, although containing some plastics, are not believed to leak the chemicals into your system. (In addition, the porcelain, which is just glass and not a chemical concern, covers up that plastic cementing material.) However, he admitted that if you just use plain old composite resin bonding material on your teeth, it will "leak the bpa."

I also called the lab that does sensitivity testing for dental products and they admitted this will only identify the materials that cause an allergic type sensitivity for that individual. But, in the case of Composite bonding (that contains bisphenol-A) for instance, you might show up on that test as NOT being sensitive to it at all---however, over time, the substance could cause you health problems.

POSTED BY KATE :: CALIFORNIA USA :: 10/06/2008 1:30 PM

I had the chemical sensitivity tests done twice. It was a waste of money. The products that were supposed to be safe for me, according to the test, were not safe. The dentist ended up taking out fillings over and over again. I have one tooth that was drilled out and has not had a filling put in for over two years now. I just clean it out daily with a water pik. This has worked so far. I am now doing a medical treatment to heal my immune system and hopefully when I am finished, I'll be able to get the tooth filled.

I think I will try the test suggested above--holding a sample in my mouth for several hours to see what happens--before I have anything placed in my mouth again. This might work, if you hold it in long enough. Just make sure it contains EVERYTHING that will be going in to your mouth.


POSTED BY NELL :: COLORADO USA :: 10/14/2008 6:41 AM

Hello again,

Kate mentioned porcelain. Has anyone had trouble with it?


POSTED BY NELL :: COLORADO USA :: 10/14/2008 6:48 AM

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