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Thank you so much for the tremendous service this blog provides. My husband's doctor told him that he's Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C deficient. I'm trying to find the best, non-toxic, organic vitamins available, but I'm totally overwhelmed by what's out there. Are there any brands of vitamins that you recommend?

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POSTED BY RITA :: NEW YORK USA :: 10/23/2008 12:16 AM


In general, I look for vitamins made from whole foods. Some brands I recommend are listed at Debra's List: Food: Supplements.

I think it's always best to get vitamins from natural sources, if it is at all possible to get enough. Most vitamins are made synthetically from petroleum, the chemical structure is the same as the vitamin in nature, but it isn't made organically with all the co-factors.

Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D3, and fish and eggs.

Cranberries and citrus, which are in season now, are good sources of Vitamin C. You can just buy the raw cranberries now (in October-November-December) and whiz them up in a blender with water to make fresh cranberry juice. If you buy vitamin C tablets, be sure to get ones that say on the label that they are from a food source, such as oranges or acerola cherries. Otherwise, it's synthetic.

Buy organic if you can and make sure the vitamins do not contain additives such as artificial colors and flavors.

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This is for Rita in New York looking for Vitamin D3. She can try Pure Encapsulations. They have a liquid form that is 1,000 i.u. PER DROP. My naturopathic doctor recommended it, as the D3 capsules I was taking were not being absorbed by my body. Also, she may want to look into taking Lipasse concentrate-HP for absorbing the D3--Tyler makes this. Both can be ordered from Emerson Ecologics.



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