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Beet Juice DYI Makeup


I must admit. I've been looking like a bit scruffy lately, but I refuse to use toxic makeups and threw mine all away this year when I learned the dangers. I have been frustrated b/c even the natural makeups have stuff that I can't pronounce. I'm just wary of everything at this point!

Online I found a few sites with DYI makeup, and figured out that beet juice is a colorant used in some industrial makeups. In a tiny jar I mixed beet juice with cornstarch until it reached a firm consistency. Let it dry overnight. It now is just as packed and caked down as regular blush in my little jar. I can sweep my brush over it, and it looks very natural on. It dyes my cheeks for a good while.

The big bottle of beet juice cost 3.50, and the cornstarch cost 1.50, for a grand total of $5. And this is enough to make it for everyone I know, and still have leftovers. Stocking stuffers, here I come! I am super excited, and wanted to share with you, Debra and any other of us girls reading!

POSTED BY P :: MARYLAND USA :: 11/03/2008 4:04 PM


Thank you! Feel free to post more DIY makeups as you discover them.

I've found that you can just rub a cut beet on your lips for a nice red...

Debra :-)


What is the shelf-life of the DIY beet juice makeup?

Thank you!

POSTED BY MV :: NORTH CAROLINA USA :: 11/04/2008 11:06 AM

Hi the question re the shelf life is very relevant here. I would suggest adding some skin-friendly essential oil such as lavender and refrigerating anything homemade. I would also use a clean implement to remove a small bit of your makeup to use with a brush which has varieties of invisible organisms lurking thereon. Some of the unpronounceable chemical names are preservatives and they serve a purpose: prevention of contamination from product to person. There are some natural things which could be added to a homemade cosmetic. Check out some recipes online for suggestions.

POSTED BY ROSIE9 :: NEW YORK USA :: 11/05/2008 9:53 AM

Rosie, you are right, as I just learned! My makeup just proved itself to be short-lived (went bad), and now I'm sad. I didn't refridgerate it, so maybe that would have helped.

I still have the bottle of beet juice left, and that's still good in the I could definately just pat a bit of that on my cheeks and lips in the morning while digging in the frig for breakfast, but that's a bit inconvinent, as it would stain my fingers in the process.

Too bad b/c I looked nicer with a bit of color on my washed-out cheeks. I looked healthier with a glow, and that was fun.

I'm going to continue on my quest to make it into makeup, and now look for some preservatives. Rosie, does the EO you mentioned preserve it longer? I also have tea tree oil, and I know that disinfects b/c I use that for EVERYTHING around the house, including my homemade countertop spray. Anyone have any other tips about what works to preserve it?

POSTED BY P :: MICHIGAN USA :: 11/17/2008 12:10 PM

Have you tried freezing the beet juice in tiny cube ice trays....or maybe just cutting up a beet and freezing the tiny (1 application) pieces or putting it in tiny dropper bottles in the fridge. Look under American Science and Surplus (in Illinois) on the web for tiny dropper bottles. Or freeze some cotton balls with a bit of beet juice on them.

POSTED BY JULIE :: INDIANA USA :: 02/26/2009 3:59 AM

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