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I was wondering if you, or anyone out there has heard of this or has used it, and if so, what kind of results did you get with it?

I am including the web site where I purchased this (see below) because it has lots of information that seemed in line with all the other info I found on other sites. They all said the same thing: it was a natural product, it kills all kinds of pests, is safe for humans & pets, can even be used as a cleanser for internal parasites in humans.

I purchased the food grade DE & also the DE with pyrethins to use on my dog for fleas. I sprinkled the food grade on all the carpeting in my entire house, working it into the nap & left it there for over a week. I also dusted my dog with the DE with pyrethrins. It is supposed to kill the "pests" by drying them up from the inside.

In theory, this all sounds great, but in all honesty, the fleas on my dog (who, by the way, has never had fleas before) got much worse. After about 3-4 days of his constant scratching & agony, I broke down & purchased the old stand-by poison in the vial that is absorbed into his bloodstream.

The powder is extremely fine & dusty & I spent an entire week cleaning dust off of every surface in my house after this. I believe the part about drying the pests up because it really dried my hands & also my dog's skin.

What can anyone tell me about this? Did I not give it enough time to work or did I get ripped off?


POSTED BY DEANNA :: TENNESSEE USA :: 11/08/2006 12:05 PM


I personally used to use DE to control fleas on my cat. It did work for that purpose, without pyrethrins, because, as you said, it dries up the flea bodies.

I no longer use it because someone wrote to me and said the dust caused lung problems in cats. How true that is, I don't know, but, as you said, it is a very fine powder and that made sense to me.

I'd like to hear the experience and thoughts of others regarding DE. It is a natural, nontoxic product. Readers?

Debra :-)


Diamotaceous earth, I've read, is fossilized tiny sea creatures. It works because it has sharp edges that cut insects causing them to dehydrate. Which would explain why it wouldn't be good for breathing in by animals or humans.

I don't know where you are located, but our fleas are extremely difficult to get rid of naturally. After years of no fleas, our dogs developed quite a crop of them. I used DE, pythrerin sprays in their sleeping areas, cedar chips, weekly baths with Bronners Lavendar soap, lemon rinses to no avail.

We have always fed our dogs a homeade breakfast with garlic, nut. yeast, raw veggies, eggs, and meat too. I read that vinegar added to their water works (1T per quart more or less, and recommended organic red which isn't avail here) I ended up using org. apple cider vinegar in their food, a hefty splash for my big dogs. We still had fleas after a month.

What finally did it for us was our natural vet recommended a product called Capstar. It's like nicotine and rather than poison their system for extended periods of time, it is a dose that works for 24 hours killing all the fleas. One dog took about 4 doses over a period of 1 1/2 months, the other only needed 1-2 doses. We still did the other work to get the eggs and larvae, but it worked finally!

POSTED BY SADIE :: HAWAII USA :: 11/08/2006 8:44 PM

I have used DE for years, and yes, when used on pets and in the house it gets all over and WILL clog your vacuum when trying to get it off the floors. I rub it on my dog (outside the house), being VERY careful to not get it in her ears or eys, and leave it for a couple days, she always has a little cloud of dust around her! Then bath her with a good, organic dog shampoo with aloe. You have to remember how a flea bite feels to you, it itches for a few days. Which might be why your dog was still itching?

I also feed DE to my 4 horses(1/4 C a day) in the spring, summer and fall to control intenstional parasites, I only use commercial wormers 2x a year now, most people use them every 6 weeks. I get my food grade DE from an Organic place in CA, a 50# bag lasts and lasts.


POSTED BY JUDY :: MICHIGAN USA :: 11/11/2006 4:41 AM

DE is derived from fossilised diatoms (primitive single cell pant like material).

There are two types marketed, one is coarser and used in swimming pool filters, the other is marketed for use against pests.

Without knowing the specific brands, it is difficult to know if there are "additives".

Like most natural or 'green' products, they do work (to some degree).

DE is used in Australia as a pest measure by adding to to grain in silos. Itis not registered against domestic pests or for domestic pests. It is registered for use against fleas, roaches etc in USA, but that said, if it was all that wonderful, every pest contoller would be using it exclusively. After all, we dont want to absorb pesrticides any more than any one else in the community, and most would use natural non toxic methods if they were viable.

I personally would not use DE on pets, but then I value my dog as a friend.


I am no vet or expert, just the owner of a (skin) problem dog for the past 12 years. Here are some (hopefully) helpful things I've found out through some simple on- and off-line research and real-life experience:

-Keeping your pets immune system strong and surroundings clean are the foundations of effective flea prevention.

-food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) is the only kind effective for pest or parasite control.

-the powder should NOT be breathed in by people or animals as it can cause respiratory problems and should be kept away from EYES.

-Sprinkling DE on carpeting can be an additional protection against flea infestation as it deals with flea larvae. Vacuum only using machines w/ HEPA filter systems to avoid aerating the dust.

-A little DE mixed into a spray bottle with water can be sprayed onto surfaces and pets with little fear of inhaling dust.

-It does not work immediately as the mechanical method by which it works causes pests, parasites and larvae to dehydrate--not an immediate process.

-DE in animals' feed has been shown to eliminate internal parasites and assist in strengthening animals' immune systems.

-One flea bite can irritate some dogs for days.

-Capstar is a fast acting tablet which acts on the nervous system of insects (apparently having no ill effect on animals)and will effectively kill fleas that bite your pet for a period of appx 24hrs and is best used for emergency pest eradication when you see fleas on your pet.

-While it may dry out skin, DE is not harmful to human or pet skin. Other supplements can help with that.

-If you've ever eaten anything made with flour or grain, chances are you, too, have consumed DE as small amounts are often mixed with food products as a non-toxic pest control.

-Many dog "allergies" can be directly attributed to high levels of yeast in a dogs system (yeast feeds on sugar--in corn, in flour, for example--and can overwhelm an animal's system if left unchecked). Switching to diets that inhibit yeast growth can make many symptoms disappear.

-Dogs on antibiotics to treat bacterial infections will often develop yeast (fungal) infections as the antibiotics also kill off the good bacteria that feed on the yeast which keeps it in check. Immune system and good-bacteria supplements can help immensely.

-All remedies do not work for all dogs.

If anyone has information contradicting or clarifying anything I've said, PLEASE let me know; as I said before I am not a vet or a doctor. I speak only from personal experience.

POSTED BY ERIC :: CA USA :: 08/14/2007 12:31 PM

We used DE from St. Gabriel's Laboratory around the outside perimeter of our house and it got rid of almost all of the ants that we had. Every once in a while we will see one or two ants. We put it on the pavers outside and it worked like a charm. I have told everyone that I could about this non-toxic solution that has worked so well for us.

POSTED BY SHEILA :: FL USA :: 08/16/2007 11:03 AM

I've used the food grade DE about a year on my Boston Terriers, I mix it into their dog food, I use dry and canned and mix it up really well and it does make their fur healthy and I did see a lot of worms coming out of them too, plus no flea problem, but now 2 have had eyes to rupture, plus I've noticed some more of them that looked like their eyes are bothering them.

This has never happened ever to any of my dogs until I used this stuff, that is the only thing I can figure that could be causing it. My oldest Boston is almost 10 yrs old, and never any eye problems until now. It's awful, and causing very expensive vet bills.

I can't say the DE is causing it, but what else could cause it? That's the only change I have made with my dogs.

Has anybody else had anything like this to happen to their animals after using it? I'm going to stop using it for awhile, maybe forever, I really need to know if it could possibly cause the damage to my dogs eyes, if it's not the DE then what is it? Why now? thank you

POSTED BY GOTDOGS :: NC USA :: 08/21/2007 3:26 PM

I've never used it on my dog, but to control fleas in the house, you can put a mixture of salty water in a spray bottle & spray it around your baseboards to kill the eggs (It drys them up).

POSTED BY SLS :: PENNSYLVANIA USA :: 10/02/2007 10:03 AM

I've heard from others who feed their pets a species-appropriate, raw diet, that since their diet change there have been no more problems with fleas. Some also mentioned adding a bit of natural apple cider vinegar to their pets' raw food. An animal that is eating a species-appropriate diet will not smell the same as one who is eating kibble, canned commercial food, or even cooked homemade food, and fleas will not find them as tempting a target.

I've never had problems with fleas in this area to start with, so I can't give any personal experience on our dog & cats pre and post raw feeding vs. fleas.

POSTED BY CINDI D :: ON CANADA :: 10/08/2007 3:19 PM

I feed my three cats an all organic diet of which 50% is raw and 80% is homemade. They get lots of raw greens, sprouts, vitamins and antioxidants, They go outdoors every day (home at night) and before they do I brush them with a brush sprayed with a natural bug repellant. I have also used plain citronella oil, but this year I have used Quantum herbal tick repellant. I have never in thirteen years seen one tick, flea, mite,or any bug at all.

COMMENT FROM DEBRA: Lucky cat to get such great care!


Does anyone have any info on using Diatomaceous for humans? After reading some of the postings I am afraid to even try it. Someone told my mother about this stuff but I know nothing about it. My father has high blood pressure and poor circulation, they told him to make a paste and rub on his feet? Any info would be helpful!

POSTED BY HAZE :: HAZED :: :: OHIO USA :: 05/06/2008 11:33 AM

Hazed-I take 2 tabl. DE with water in the morning 1/2 hour before eating. I drink a big glass of water to prevent constipation. I am in good health. Does your father take cod liver oil (Carlsons) for high blood pressure or aged liquid garlic? Check into those products for his health issues. I am unaware about the use of DE as a paste on the feet.

POSTED BY CNC :: WISCONSIN USA :: 05/26/2008 3:26 PM

I have used DE off and on for my cats and dog. I really recommend the website I will leave at the end of this comment. They really seem to know a lot about DE, I have emailed them and they are quick to respond. I don't have any affiliation with this company. I really do like the site.

POSTED BY COLLIELOVER :: CT USA :: 06/02/2008 12:59 PM

Hi. My husband and I started taking DE after a friend of mine recommended it. She said she takes 1 heaping T twice daily. The first day I did that but then decreased to just 1 heaping T. My husband took 1 heaping T. We both have become very constipated with diarrhea. My husband skipped today's dose hoping that things will move for him tomorrow. I feel sick to my stomach today and don't want to take this anymore! I read on a web site that one should start with 1 teaspoon instead of a couple tablespoons. Did we simply start with too much? We have been drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruit and other fiber. Any suggestions out there? Thanks!


I have been using DE for years on my horses, dogs, chickens and cat and sprinkled under furniture, behind appliances, etc. to keep insects at a minimum in the house.

I put it on the animals topically in the warmer months to eliminate fleas and ticks..I have 9 dogs and have not seen but a few ticks in the past few years.

They also get 1T daily for internal parasites. I take fecal samples in for testing for parasites a few times a year & they are clean. I do use ivermectin monthly for heartworms...

I also use it on the horses for internal parasites. I try to dust them with it, but it becomes a bit too much to keep it up daily. If I can keep it up, the DE does work..

I put some in the chicken coop and they take dust baths in it (eliminating ANY mites)as well as take it internally.

I cannot imagine having a farm without using DE on the animals.

I also used in on a fire ant hill I spotted...I covered the hill with DE, poked a metal stake in it a few times, to distribute the DE throughout the inside of the hill and waited....the next day, most of the ants were gone, I redid the application one more time and they were all gone the next day. NO chemicals used.

I get the DE in 50 lb bags at



I just started taking DE and am wondering if it will kill off the good bacteria in my gut? Does anyone know? Thanks.

POSTED BY ELLE :: WA USA :: 06/22/2008 11:42 AM

I have been using diatomacious earth for a few years, for problems with fleas, yard insects, flying insects, odors, etc.

I found great success using a hand-held diatomacious earth "fogger" to cover my yard, certain rooms in the house and the inside of my car. This "fogger" makes it possible to cover large areas without using too much diatomacious earth, and it gets in all the nooks and crannies (which can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you see it). This item is called a Dustin-Mizer by EarthDuster, LLC at

It is not expensive, and is hand-cranked. I use it on the rugs, in rooms that have had a bug problem and of course, in the yard to cover the lawn.

I made an accidental discovery this morning. I had some diatomacious earth on my hands as I am also running an experiment in drying out "skin tags" on my neck with it, but that's another story. Anyway, I started doing my hair, and found that when I got a tiny bit into my hair off my hands, my hair became thicker and more manageable. Yea!! I got another pinch from the bag, worked it through my hair thoroughly and brushed it. Wow! What a difference! I have thin, wispy hair, and this just made it so much thicker and fuller. I am a blonde, so I don't know how this would work with dark hair.

In terms of the skin tag thing, I have many of them, too many to have burned off, which I have had done in the past (expensive!!). I understand it is caused by a skin virus, so knowing DE dries out the skin and also absorbs viruses, I am going to apply it every night and morning, and see if I can get rid of them.

Another use with the DE is in cat litter boxes (about 1/8th of a cup) which keeps the litter drier and odor free.

I "fogged" it into my garbage can and eliminated odors there (makes a whitish film on the sides, but who cares?).

Speaking of odors, my cats like to also use the yard for their toilet at times, and diatomacious earth takes away yard odor using the "Dustin-Mizer."

I don't have any affiliation with any company that sells these products, I'm just trying to share information. Since the DE is very fine, please don't use it in quantity that will go into your vacuum. I killed two vacuums this way. I used way too much before I got the Dustin-Mizer. I fog a room and close the door for a couple of hours to give it time to settle.

Plants also love this stuff - it's great for fertilizing everything.

POSTED BY LYNN :: FLORIDA USA :: 04/20/2009 2:46 PM

The best way to get rid of fleas naturally is to feed your dog or cat a raw meat diet. That alters the pH of the skin to make it inhospitable to parasites. It also eliminates worms.


i hear that this stuff kills bed bugs from a few online testimonials. Im probably gonna have to get this stuff because getting rid of these critters is way to difficult and such an easy remedy can not be overlooked.


I am a human taker of a Diatomaceous Earth named ToxiClenz by Wisdom of the Ages.

I heard about it from Dr. Galen Knight Phd. at the Weston A. Price Foundation Conference last year. I have worked up to two teaspoons a day so far. I am using it for Heavy Metal Detox.

POSTED BY BARBIEC1953 :: VIRGINIA USA :: 08/03/2009 12:08 PM


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